Facebook Page

ChatMonster provides multiple channels to suit you and your business need. The following is how you may connect your Facebook Messenger to your ChatMonster account.

Firstly, go to "Getting Started" and click on "Link Facebook page." Ensure you have logged onto your Facebook account along with your Business Page and your Facebook Messenger is linked to your account.

You may now click "Connect" to proceed to the next step.

Once you have been directed to Facebook, click on "Continue as (Personal Account Name)" or log into the account with the Business Page to proceed to the following steps.

The box on the right side has to be checked for ChatMonster to understand which page you are trying to connect to. Once you have selected the wanted page, click "Next".

On this page, enable all 4 options for ChatMonster to maximize its function and give ChatMonster permission to manage properties in the platform. Click "Done" to proceed.

A success message will pop up once your Facebook Messenger has been successfully linked to ChatMonster. Click "OK" to proceed.

Select your page in ChatMonster to complete the final steps. Click "Confirm" to proceed.

You can make sure your Facebook Messenger has been connected by referring to "Your Channels" on the Channel page.

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