Adding / removing team members

A successful business is inextricably linked with members with expertise. You may learn how to add or remove team members in ChatMonster here.

Only the Owner or Admin role can add or remove team members.

You may log into your ChatMonster account and go to "Profile" by clicking on your icon in the top right-hand corner to reach "Settings".

Under "Team Settings" click "Add team member" to add another member.

A pop-up will then appear for you to fill in your member's work email and what role you would like your member to be designated. Click "Invite" and a message in the bottom right-hand corner will be shown for the successful invitation.

Your invited member's box will have an "Invited" status.

The invited member shall receive an email titled "You have been invited to join (Team name) on ChatMonster". By clicking on "Join Now", the invited member will be able to join your team in ChatMonster.

If you are hoping to join a team, use the link that was emailed to you from the team owner. Do not create a new account from the registration page. One account can only belong to one team.

Upon successful joining, the new member will be displayed under your account. Welcome your new member! You may repeat the steps above if you wish to add more members.

If you wish to remove a member, you may click on the red icon next to the member you wish to remove.

A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click "Remove" if you wish to remove the member of your choice. After clicking, a success message will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner.

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