Using Quick Replies

This feature allows you to set messages into presets and send them whenever necessary to make business interactions quick and easy.

You may first go to "Settings" and click "Quick Reply". In the top right-hand corner, click "Add Quick Reply" to set up a quick reply.

You may customize your quick reply in this section by giving it a title and your message. Feel free to add emojis or photos when useful or feel extra creative! Adding variables allows you to confirm information or deliver your message in a more friendly manner. Click "Add Quick Reply" to proceed.

The quick reply should appear on the list of quick replies. You may now head to Inbox conversations and tap on the third icon to see your quick replies. Click the one you wish to deliver, and it should appear in the chatbox. Hit "Send" to deliver the message.

If you wish to manage or amend your quick replies, tap on "Manage", and you will be directed back to the list of quick replies. Repeat the above steps to change or create new quick replies.

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