Adding tags

Tags make it easier for you to identify a customer segment or group. This way, you can search for contacts in a more efficient manner. Tags are also help select contacts in the campaign feature.

You can learn how to add tags to newly imported contacts by referring to Importing new contacts.

If you wish to add tags to a contact, you may search for the contact by referring to Searching contacts. Click on the "+" icon under "Tag".

If you would like to add a new tag, insert the title for your new tag in the spaces provided. You may also search for tags you have created before by typing in the areas provided.

After finishing typing, click "Add" to add a new tag.

The title of your new tag will display a "tick" and be added to the "Tag" section of the specific contact. If you wish to unselect the tag, click on the "x" icon next to the tag on the Contacts page, and the contact will not display the unselected tag.

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