Adding emojis, attachments and audio

Emojis, attachments and audio may be helpful when interacting with clients or businesses. Here are the steps to demonstrate adding media to your chats.

You may insert media by clicking icons in your chatbox. Different icons show different functions.

IconFunctionHow to use

Smiley face

All of the emojis are provided and ready to use.

Click on the emoji of your choice and it should appear in the chatbox.

Paper clip

Opens your files for you to send attachments through the chatbox.

Select the attachments you wish to send and it should appear in the chatbox.


Provides a quick-reply feature for you to make conversations more convenient.

You may refer to Quick Reply feature.


Records your audio to provide better interpretations for your messages.

Pressing on the icon directly records your voice. You may replay, delete or confirm your audio by clicking on respective icons. The audio should appear in the chatbox after confirmation. This feature is not supported in Safari. Please use Chrome-based browsers instead.

Make sure you have given ChatMonster permission in your browser to access your microphone for the audio feature.

Hit "Send" to send the message for all the above media to complete the final procedure.

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