Creating an account

You can create a free account anytime without choosing a paid plan. With this account, you can build your own team and invite other members to work together.

If you are hoping to join a team, use the link that was emailed to you from the team owner. Do not create a new account from the registration page. One account can only belong to one team.

To start, head to our Sign Up page. Create an account with your work email and new password with at least 8 characters. Alternatively, you can sign up with Google for a password-less sign in experience.

After creating an account, you are invited to tell us a bit more about you. This allows us to build a product and experience that suits your needs.

You are then required to build your teamโ€™s profile. This will be used when inviting teammates.

And thatโ€™s it! You have successfully created a new account on ChatMonster. Next up, you should connect your chat channels and invite your teammates to work together!

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